Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Two and a half weeks ago, we went to Breckenridge.  I posted pictures from our phones, but not pictures from our camera.  Adam reminded me… I had one of those moments where I remembered going through them, but didn’t remember posting them… and sure enough, I checked tonight and I didn’t post!

I love this picture of Adam.  My favorite pictures of him are when I catch him slightly unaware of the lens until right before I snap the picture.  Here we’re at Motherloaded.

2012-07-23 breck (2)

I loved the theme of the restaurant… mothers.

2012-07-23 breck (3)

Before dinner, and before it started to rain, Adam snapped some pictures of the big girls while I nursed Anna in the van.

2012-07-23 breck (16)

2012-07-23 breck (20)

2012-07-23 breck (48)

2012-07-23 breck (74)

So glad we were able to spend some time together as family that night.  We are so fortunate for all that we have and to be able to live in such a beautiful state and take it all in on a whim… so very fortunate.

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