Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tea and a Tutu

I like to think I could think of something exceptional to write in every blog post, but sometimes (okay, more often than not), I simply love posting pictures of my sweet children. :)

Julia has finally started allowing us to put clips and pony tails in her hair, which is fortunate for her (though she doesn't realize it), because otherwise she was going to face being held down in order to cut her bangs (which is even MORE tramatic than cutting her nails, if that is even imaginable). I was trying to get some pictures of her with a cute pony tail one day, and she was also wearing a tutu at the time, and dang, if she isn't just as cute as can be. :)

I love my kids. :)


The same day, I decided to take a few pictures of Raven... it is amazing how quickly she is changing and growing! She is a long squirt, and already I'm having to consider busting out the 3 - 6 month clothes even though the 0 - 3 month are still too big around the waist. But, her 0 - 3 month one-piece outfits are starting to show signs of being too short... so what's a mom to do?

She is still eating and sleeping (and pooping) really well. Although Julia's had a few more rough days in the last week or so than I would like, I think she is still adjusting well and hopefully being back in a normal routine in two weeks will help her out a bit.

Otherwise... just lovin' being a mom of two...!



And... of course, I must show off the cute cat shirt that Buscha bought Julia on our excursion to Target last Friday (the 2nd). I giggle every time my mother-in-law visits because she always says, "I look at the clothes but have no idea what to buy!" (Note: I love you, Marcia! :) And you don't need to buy anything, you know that!) But, apparently it is no problem picking out a shirt when the child who would wear it is sitting in your cart and smiling and giggling at you. :) Hee. (By the way, Julia LOVES her kitty shirt!)



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