Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let It Snow!

Today was our first snow fall of the season. A tad early. Especially for Iowa.

I am not complaining.

(Adam did. I distinctly remember him looking out the window and saying something akin to, "Okay. It has snowed. I'm ready for spring now.")

I must admit, though, I'm a tad concerned about how hard of a winter we might have. I've heard the rumors that it will be colder and snowier than we've seen in the last few years. Maybe something similar to what I remember from my youth? That remains to be seen. Record number of snow days for Iowa school children? Undoubtedly. Ha.

Julia doesn't remember the snow from last year; she was six months younger, and heck, she is still delighted each day when she finds the baby RIGHT WHERE SHE LEFT HER THE NIGHT BEFORE! in her bassinet or finds a toy she had hid on herself days ago. So it shouldn't have surprised us today that she was enthralled by what she saw outside.

Apparently, though, Julia actually LIKES snow now (as opposed to last winter). And, before she could even eat breakfast... nay, before she would even let me put her clothes on for the day (though, I basically forced her to get dressed first), she HAD to go outside and investigate this wonderfulness falling from the sky.

So, we suited Julia up in her way-too-big 3T coat that Mama bought on clearance ($8) last winter...


... and Daddy took one for the Adult Team and also suited up and took Julia out for a fun trek in the snow.



Julia super enjoyed it and I'm glad... the snow was gone by 2 pm and while it stayed pretty chilly all day (never reached 40), I think it might be a week or two before we see snow again. I wonder if her reaction will be the same...? :)


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