Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Month

I recognized a few days ago that Raven would be one month old soon, but today it woke me up like a slap across the face.  Raven is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY.  Now is the perfect time to once again pull out the old cliche, "Where does the time go?"  I suppose if I look back on the last month, I can piece it together with "memorable events"... first I was in the hospital, then mom and dad came to visit, then we were home for a week, then Adam's parents came to visit, then my gall bladder went wonky, then my mom came to visit.  Wa la.  Here we are.

In the last month, it is obvious to me (and to others) that Raven is starting to fill out and grow longer.  Her newborn diapers are already pretty snug on her, and she outgrew our "coming home from the hospital" outfit a couple of weeks ago already.  Her cheeks are a little puffier and the 0 - 3 month onesies are a bit short on her.  Today I put her in a 3 - 6 month outfit, and it fits her pretty well.  I don't know if I notice these changes because I have been here before with Julia, or simply because I don't feel like Raven should be this big or this old yet.

Raven is still sleeping well at night and eats well during the day.  She nurses mainly in the afternoon, though... and then all evening long!  Though, it allows me to get a good bit of sleep at night, so it's fine with me!

Julia is still doing well with Raven and we haven't had any "accidents" since Raven was a week old.  It is obvious that it is increasingly important to spend "alone time" with Julia whether that includes reading to her, rough-housing with her, taking her for a walk, or what have you.  And that becomes increasingly difficult the more Raven is awake... but we make it work!  Thankfully Julia is still enthralled with babies and really wants to help as much as she can; sometimes the reason she becomes upset is that I won't let her help more than she already does.  She does a good job of bringing diapers and wipes and even likes to help clean her sister up.  It's super cute and I'm really still so thankful that she seems to love her so.

Have I mentioned yet that I am still loving being a mom of two?  :)

Hopefully later today I will be able to post a few pictures.  Have a great day!


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