Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sea of Tulips

We had a lot of fun taking photos today... these few are especially fun... Adam thought it would be cute if Julia looked as though she were in a sea of tulips (and she was... thankfully there was a path to the middle where a fountain had been placed and we did not get fined for trampling any tulips... though, Julia did accidentally fall into one of the dying beds today... whoops!).

It is hard to see here, but Julia is especially giddy because OH. MY. GOSH. MOMMY. IT IS ANOTHER FOUNTAIN!  She was so very obviously filled with glee when she was placed next to the fountain.  (And I will pretend that I didn't see her stick her hands in it a few times and suck the water off her fingers... eww.)  I tried to include one picture that shows her little fists all balled up because she can hardly contain how excited she is.  I love kids. 


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