Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Baby Raven

It is a good thing Raven is so darn cute, because otherwise 6:00 am on a Saturday after having gone to bed at 1:00 am would suck more than it did this morning.  Wouldn't you agree?  Isn't she a doll?
Very soon Raven will be 8 months old... wow!  She is such a HAPPY child... really, truly, she is content... happy... full of joy... more often than not.  Recently we've had a bout of hard nights... for about 2.5 weeks... she was up ALL. THE. TIME.  And, due to her generally laid-back nature, she didn't cry or throw fits... when she was awake from 1:00 am to 3:00 am... she was happy.  Giggling.  Chatting.  Wanting to play.  See, we had finally reached that transition... going from swaddling to not.  Yes, we swaddle our kids a LONG time.  Most people either choose not to swaddle at all or only swaddle for a few months... we go until the child decides it's time to stop.

So... we finally reached that stage, but of course it takes a bit for the baby to figure out how to sleep with limbs askew... and so it took Raven a few weeks to get that worked out.  But, she is back to sleeping through the night again... yay.... 11 - 12 hour stretches... gotta love it!  But, sometimes that means waking up at 6:00 am.  However, I'll take it... because I was very much asleep straight from 1:00 am - 6:00 am... and wow, what a good 5 hour stretch will do for a person!  :)
A few more notes/updates... no teeth yet, though the drool is constant.  And Raven still won't eat solid food... she acts like it is poison and when I do manage to get some in her mouth, she makes herself gag until she spits it all out OR throws up... fun!  But, we've successfully gotten her to eat rice crackers.  But, I'm not worried about her not eating... goodness knows she has plenty of chunk on her and she is not going hungry!  She rolls over but is not a roller yet... and no crawling yet, but she is very steady in a sitting position... ah, this reminds me of Julia all over again.  ;)

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