Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little Report

I was informed this last weekend that maybe I am not doing such a good job keeping up on the girls' baby books... but hey, I do okay here, right?  ;)

So, I thought I best post a little report of the happenings here in our house. 


Tulip Time was recent (see Tulip Time posts) and over Tulip Time, Raven cut her first tooth!  (YAY!)  She cut it on May 8th, her Grandma Sue's birthday.  While we were on vacation visiting my sister Melissa in Georgia (posts with pictures come soon!), Raven cut her second tooth. 

AND.......... she decided she wanted to eat real food!  YAY!  She won't have anything to do with baby food, but she has a new found interest in big people food and that is lots of fun. 

She is obviously beginning to understand that she should be moving so she bounces and jiggles a lot and hopefully that means crawling soon for her.

Let's not forget that Separation Anxiety has entered the picture as well, and every time mom leaves the room, wailing ensues.  (Followed by hearing Julia trying to soothe her sister... so cute!)

Adam was able to get Raven to pee on the potty (totally a well-timed and thought-out fluke) before her bath on Sunday... I thought I should blog it for him.  :)

She is still super happy and laid-back and she can always bring a smile to my face!


She seems to have had a mini-vocab explosion.  This is following along with her understanding things more.  It is hard to express all of the things she can say and do... I wonder sometimes if I am repeating myself but then I suppose that is okay!  So... a few of her "newer" things...

... Most people are "at work".  She will ask where Daddy is and before you can answer, she will inform you that he is "at work".  Then she proceeds to say that "Mommy go work", "Ravie go work", "Mees go work!"  Too cute!

... After our GA vacation, she *gets* that water is for swimming and having a generally good time and is always asking for her "suit" (swimsuit).  Yesterday she managed to get all of her clothes off and put her suit on while I was in the shower... we had a lot of compromising to do yesterday when we went out and about.  Time to pull out the kiddie pool!

... She calls Raven "Ravie" and it is the Cutest. Thing. Ever.  "Baby Ravie"  "Hi, Ravie!"  "Mommy, Ravie cry!"  You have to listen for it, because it *can* sound like "Baby", but it quickly becomes obvious that it is "Ravie" after talking with her for a bit.  I've even heard that "Ravie" is catching on at daycare... our youngest has a nickname!

... She loves to "walkie".  With the purchase of our new Joovy stroller (LOVE IT!), Julia has had more freedom and loves ot "walkie".  "Mommy, I go walkie?" 

Julia has finally shown interest in peeing and whatnot on the potty, so we will be starting hard-core training again in a couple of weeks.  We have a few transitions going on soon that we want to get through, and then after that... Panties, here we come!

Other Life Stuff...

Soon we will be transitioning to a new daycare.  For various reasons (but none of which involve any problems/issues with our current daycare provider), we have decided to move the girls to a new gal in town beginning in June.  Amy is our age and has a daughter a few weeks younger than Julia.  The whole family is wonderful and we are looking forward to this opportunity for our girls.  While we will miss our current gal dearly and of course we do love her, I also feel like this is the *right* thing to do at this point in time.  I suppose only time will tell!  Please be praying that the transition goes well and smoothly.

That's all for now... at some point this week I hope to post about our trip... it was so much fun!


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chrissy said...

Ohhh myyy goodness, cutest picture ever, just want to squeeze little raven and her cute baby chubbiness!!!!!