Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog Title Change!

I had some time to daydream on the plane on Saturday while Raven dozed on my lap, and I had a thought to change the title of my blog.  I liked the idea that my blog was basically our family newsletter, BUT there are so many Draegers that it could be ANY Draeger family newsletter, so I thought it would be cute and fun to throw a little Dutch spice into it... so, here I am presenting "Draeger Familie Nieuws".  Yay!

(Adam, yes, I considered naming it "Van Draeger Familie Nieuws", but I opted not to offend any of our Dutch friends that might not *get* the joke.)

Now... if anyone wants to make a banner for me... please?  I still haven't taken the time to learn how to do it and my title block is bare!!!


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