Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zombies of Pella

All right.

So our church does a Trunk or Treat in which we invite the children (with their parents) of Pella to walk through our parking lot and "Trick or Treat".  Multitudes of cars (members of our church) come and dress up and hand out candy.  Last year and the year before we walked through, but we weren't a vehicle handing out candy.

This year I decided that instead of taking Julia Trick or Treating and getting a multitude of candy none of us should be eating, we would be a car and pass it out instead.  Knowing that Adam was going to be gone to the Hawkeye game (which they WON today, btw... beat the pants off of Michigan State, who was ranked #6), I thought this could be a fun activity for me and the girls.  But, I didn't want to spend a lot on costumes and I also didn't have access to a ton of cool decorations without going to Des Moines, so the pictures above are the product of my imagination.

I dressed the girls up as Zombies (which I had decided upon some long time ago) and then for kicks I put boards across the back of the car and a "Don't Feed the Zombies" sign.  At first glance I thought it looked really stupid but hey, it would work to "contain" the girls until they became restless and maybe it would be cute.

Well, it was a hit.  I have to laugh at the number of people who thought it was hilarious... ("Look at the baby zombies!  Ha, ha, ha!  Don't feed the zombies!!!  Ha, ha, ha!")... and the number of people who asked if they could please take a picture next to our car with the girls inside... HILARIOUS.  So, in the end it proved out to be a good idea.  Ha! 

And, thankfully we only live a block from church.  I ran out of candy... THREE TIMES... and got refills from church people going around even though I had brought a bunch of my own.  Also, Raven was on the verge of SCREAMFEST! because she was so tired so at 7:25 pm, I locked up the car and we walked home.  We'll pick the car up tomorrow after church.  FANTASTIC idea.  Heh.

Julia was REALLY awesome about getting dressed... I got her psyched up during (our very early) dinner and she had no qualms with the face paint or hair spray.  Raven, however, was done after the hairspray so we didn't put face paint on her.  BUT, she was so dang cute in her little outfit anyway and with her hair all crazy... we got a lot of "OOOOOH, look at that baby zombie!"  Tell someone your baby is a zombie and I guess it doesn't matter if your baby actually looks like a zombie or not.  I told them that she was a Fresh Zombie... she hadn't started to decay yet.  HA!



Marcia said...

Scary!!! (Such a cute idea.)

Alex said...

That's crazy awesome! Thanks for sharing.

chrissy said...

OMG i'm laughin on the floor here, the boards totally make the whole car! and u have 2 of the cutest zombies EVER!

Wendy said...

Those are the most adorable undead I have ever seen! Great job, Mom!