Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello, Minnesota! Buh-Bye, Camera!

Part of the reason I haven't blogged much in the last week is that our camera is... *sniff*... DEAD.

We visited our nieces (Laila and Hannah) this last weekend in Northern Minnesota.  We had a blast!  Though the weather was less desirable than we were hoping for, it was fun to snuggle in the cabin watching movies and playing and we did enjoy quite a bit of time outside playing.

So... how that relates to the camera... well, Adam brought his canoe up and I was helping him put it in the lake Saturday morning.  As I bent down to put the canoe in, the camera dropped out of my pocket and into the very clear, very COLD lake.  I saw it descend and the first thought I had was RETRIEVE!!!!!!!!!  Adam held me as I bent down over the dock and reached my naked arm down into the VERY COLD lake to get the camera back out again.  We found that the SD card still works so my pictures are still on it, but the camera itself is toast.  Now I'm in the midst of researching cameras.

But, Grammy Laura was very nice to let me burn a CD of pictures from her camera from the weekend to bring home, so here are a few for your enjoyment.

Julia LOVED LOVED LOVED the Barbie car and the tire swing... the two highlights of the weekend, fo' sho'.  We let Julia drive Raven around the yard a little bit (with me following closely to scream at Julia to take her foot off the gas as she didn't seem to realize she needed to watch where she was going and was often headed towards a tree).  Julia road the tire swing with Hannah multiple times, and I think that the cousins truly enjoyed playing and hanging out with each other.

Lots of driving for a short weekend but... TOTALLY worth it.

Love you guys!

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