Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This last weekend I took the girls to Springfield, IL, to visit a dear friend of mine (W) and her son (X).  W is a friend of my from my online "baby board" and though she only lives about 4.5 hours away, we haven't had a lot of chances to get together.  I last saw her in April and was so excited to visit her where she lived!

We left Friday afternoon and after a long drive (mommy finally got smart with some of Raven's personal effects and clipping them ALL to the car seat so she couldn't toss them and then screech) we arrived and how fun it was to see W and X!  We unpacked and then took the kids out to eat... though the name of the restaurant is blanking me... kids eat free!  Heh!

Saturday morning we spent time in downtown Springfield seeing the sites such as the Lincoln Memorial Library, the Old Capitol, and a beautiful park/train station area that contained some really neat Lincoln statues.  (It turns out that Julia was EXTREMELY frightened by the statues, which is hard to see in the pictures.)  We also took a trip to Peese's candy shop to buy some gifities for Daddy.  On our way to lunch, all three kids fell asleep in the car, so we opted for a driving tour of the military cemetery and home to Lincoln's tomb.  We saw a lot of really neat tombstones including those of past governors and President Lincoln.  (Well, and you know me... I like a good cemetery... I'm weird that way.)

After the kids woke up, we went to the Irish pub for a late lunch and a horseshoe.  Umm, yum!  After lunch, we took the kids back to the house because W and Mommy were up VERY late talking and the kids were up VERY early to start the day.  We had a lot of fun watching the kids play and interact, watched movies, and I made W some gluten-free fried cheese curds (YUM!) and fried pickles (YUCK!  ha!  W liked them!.  Raven went down early and we let Julia and X play a little bit longer before sending them off to bed and watching the latest episode of Glee.

All three kids slept in X's bedroom and they did WONDERFULLY sleeping in there for the weekend... yay!  So glad that they did so well together!

Sunday we got ready and went for lunch at a local Mexican recipe (YUM!) and then spent a good bit of money at Friar Tuck's picking up Oktoberfest and Pumpkin beer and Unibroue for Adam (well, and me too!).

Such a fun weekend!  So good to see our friends again!


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