Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Surprise for Julia: Dolly Clothes!

Julia (and I) received an extra special package in the mail today... DOLL CLOTHES!

My friend Melinda over at 28 Peppermint Grove made this special set of clothes for one of Julia's dolls and they arrived in the mail yesterday.  I have been friends with Melinda for about 3.5 years now, and though we've never met, we've discussed family and crafting for that long... so it was really special to receive this package from her today.

I had been off the web for a bit this last weekend and so yesterday was delighted when I saw this post... I was REALLY REALLY hoping it was for us... BUT, being a crafter myself, I know that Melinda's always got a project on the table and sometimes those that don't typically have deadlines fall down the list... so again, what a great suprise when this showed up today!

This outfit combined with many that my mom surprised me with back in September gives Julia a number of options for clothing her babies, so here's hoping that we can start working on the fun of dressing our dolls.  After last night's interest in my sewing machine and wanting to "help" me, I think she might need a kid-sized one before long and maybe she can start making her own doll clothes much like I did when I was a young pip...?  *sigh*  To dream.

love ya!

ps.  Melinda... you are the SWEETEST!  Thank you!

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