Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

(forgive me for the lack of quality pictures)
Last Friday, Miss Amy and I took Julia, Raven, G (Miss Amy's daughter) and R (Miss Amy's niece) to Carroll's Pumpkin Patch.  Miss Amy and I BOTH love fall, and we even both got married in October... she on the 16th and our anniversary is tomorrow.  We thought it would be a load of fun to spend some time at the pumpkin patch.

We arrived a little after 10 am and played, fed goats, pumped water, held kittens, etc.  Around noon we took a hay rack ride out to the patch and walked around searching for our perfect pumpkins.  Julia had a blast out in the pumpkin patch looking for a pumpkin and invariably continued to pick pumpkin after pumpkin that while cheap enough, was definitely too heavy for mommy to carry with only one arm (Raven was in the other).  Thankfully Miss Amy found a nice small pumpkin that Julia could carry (and that I was able to carry when she got tired!).

All of the girls were really good, and we took them to KFC for lunch after the pumpkin patch.  Miss Amy and Mommy were both tired and hoping the kids were too... Raven fell asleep almost instantly... Julia followed some time later... and G fell asleep right before we got home.  Raven ended up taking a longer nap in the afternoon (thank you!) after we got home, even after being transferred from her car seat to her crib.  Gotta love that morning air.

While Julia was scared of certain things at the patch (for instance, a big huge jumping thing, that I was sure she would LOVE, but she started screaming almost instantly, even though Raven LOVED it), overall she did really well, and it's too bad we didn't end up doing the one thing she requested... swinging!  (There was SO much to do there!)  Oh, well!  Maybe next year!


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