Monday, October 18, 2010

Challenge Block

I believe that the more you create, the more creative you become.  Like math... or, ha... excuse me... I have a super fuzzy brain today and cannot think... what I'm trying to say is that the more you use certain brain cells, the more the brain cells "enjoy" being used... the dust is shaken off and their intended purpose is once again realized.

Case in point... this block.  Our quilt guild has had a number of challenges over the last few years, but either I'm not feeling creative or I have something else going on and I find myself not getting around to doing the challenge... and mostly it goes back to me not feeling creative.  Let's face it, before this last week, I haven't been ON creatively for some time... and even though I am using other people's patterns, the physical act of sewing and knitting causes those neurons to start firing away.

So when I received these three paint chips at quilt guild about two weeks ago, I gladly accepted them but gloomily wondered if I would actually DO anything with them.  (My friend Nancy picked out two pairs of three because I was speaking while the basket of chips was going around and I had a choice between these and a green-blue-purple trio... I picked these because I knew I had orange and yellow hand-dyeds at home...)  The challenge is to make a block that contains three of the colors (one from each paint chip) plus you could add another color.

I didn't know WHAT I would do...

... but, then I was working on the baby quilt and happened upon the green lattice fabric with white daisies...

... and, I recalled an episodes of Sewing with Nancy that I watched part of at my mother-in-law's house in late September on the Dresden Plate...

... and, like that, those little neurons starting going insane and an idea was born.

I had always wanted to do a Dresden Plate but they LOOK so hard so I never have, but I figured, I could do ONE, right?

So, off to the quilt store I shot to see if they had a Dresden Plate template... and they did...

... and then back home again, and honest to Pete, in less than one hour, I had a Dresden Plate block completed.  SO easy.  SO fun!  Now I want to do a whole bunch of them!  And, I think I fulfilled the challenge rather well, dontcha think?  :)


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