Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy's Doll

So... today I let Julia pick out her own outfit, but yesterday I dressed her in what I wanted her to wear... :)  I love her little clothes and can't help but pick out outfits that match and convince her it is the best thing in the world to wear.   (Yay for consignment shop deals!)

It is hard to believe that Julia will be three in less than two months.  I can still remember her birth like it was yesterday, so it seems funny to me that she is technically old enough for preschool (2-year-old - though she doesn't go), dance classes, and Sunday school.  Even though the first couple of weeks of Sunday school were rough, she seemed better the last time she went and really seemed to enjoy herself.

Julia is a mother and mothers her babies with care and love and always makes sure they have clean pants on.  (I had no idea a baby could "poot" so many times in one day; takes me back to Raven's early days.)  Though it's possible that Raven could really enjoy dolls, Julia doesn't give her much chance, but occasionally will give a baby to Raven.  I'm quite certain Julia can make ANYTHING a baby... even a flamingo, as she did this morning.

Julia's vocabulary and pronunciation has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months and for that I am thankful.  I can understand most of what she says now, or at the very least, I can figure it out.  I remember that she cannot really say "L" at the beginning of words, so "lion" becomes "ion" and "light" becomes "ight".  She can even say her full name now (well, when prompted and as separate words), which I tried one day after talking with my online mommy friends.  What she is capable of amazes me and each day I try to think of something new.

Colors she knows seem to be blue, white, and pink, and who knows about the rest or when they will stick except she DOES know that yellow is a "ducky" color.  (Ssh, don't tell her that ducks come in A LOT of colors.)  We work on hair color too, which is a lot of fun for her, and colors that are the same.

Julia is definitely entering a more... defiant... stage in her life and she experiences a lot of timeouts and has been sent to her room to calm down a few times too.  It seems her favorite words are "No" and "Now" (instead of "please") and while she is normally a happy child, there are those moments in the day when she will get the bug and start spouting off.  This always seems to be perfectly timed with Raven going from "content" to "squawky" and goodness knows why all of my hair isn't gray yet.

It is amazing, though... I think that you can see that the girls REALLY do love each other and while they squabble now and again, more often than not Julia is protective of Raven and Raven loves to be around Julia.

Julia enjoys getting in and out of her carseat on her own and also likes to shut the car door (but she has trouble opening it).  A few times we have found her outside looking for daddy in the garage and it seems that for now she has learned that she isn't supposed to do that without asking first.  It scares my heart a little bit to think that is okay to let her walk from the house to the garage by herself as I watch from the deck while she searches out her daddy in the garage.  I've sent her on little missions now and again such as telling daddy it is time for dinner, and while the communication doesn't always translate or even make it to him, she still finds him... and then I am left to go and fetch both of them.  However, I know that in time she will remember to tell daddy why I sent her and to think that time is soon coming...
Physically she's becoming more able and can run well now, and jumps like a rabbit or a frog, and swings on the big-girl swing.  I don't mind that she isn't a daredevil; I think we have one of those coming up quickly behind Julia... hee.

Just a little update on the big kid...


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