Saturday, April 2, 2011


This was on my bed at midnight last night, and after considering picking all of the hangers up nicely for about a nanosecond, I started grabbing handfuls and depositing them on the floor next to the bed.
Wow, she has a lot of hangers, you might say.
Yes, my husband has a lot of clothes.
Yesterday began the multi-day journey of packing clothes and kitchen items and other things to move us initially to Colorado.
Yes, we're moving to Colorado.
I know, I haven't blogged in a while and this is probably backwards to start with a post about packing when I haven't even divulged here what has happened, but I realized this morning that if I try to post about that stuff first I might never find the time and for now you'll get what I have the capacity to post and hopefully that means I will be posting more.
As it is, we do have a relocation company that will be moving our household goods eventually, but dudes, our house hasn't sold yet.  So if you have put a hex on it, please remove it.  If you know someone in search of a cute 3-bedroom/3-bathroom older home in downtown Pella, send them our way (or really, the realtor's way, 'cause I have a signed contract, you know?).
However, because the house hasn't sold, we are moving ourselves into a 2-bedroom apartment in Aurora (or thereabouts) and the key to that is we are moving ourselves (or rather, my Dad, Mom, Grandpa, friend Angela, the girls, and I are moving our stuff to Colorado in mid-April).
So, that involves some packing, and some informative packing -- I only have so much room, can only take so many things, but also have an idea as to what we'll need.  Sewing machine going?  I hope so, but if there isn't room, I know I can at least fit a few balls of yarn in the back.  Adam's clothes?  We'll see, but he's following a few weeks later and may have to sacrifice clothes for musical instruments the first trip.  (That didn't stop me from packing up all of his clothes yesterday; ah, it is good to see a nearly-clean closet.  I don't want to put anything back into it ever.)
Part of my packing includes giving.  My goal is that for every tub/box that I pack, I pack up a box to give away to the thrift shop.  So far so good... we'll see if I'm able to meet that goal when it's all said and done.  There is a lot of stuff to go through in this house yet over the next two weeks, so I think it's doable.
Oh, yes, and two weeks.  We are leaving for Colorado two weeks from tomorrow... crazy, isn't it?

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