Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Resident

The picture may be hard to see, but on the left is my Escape with Colorado plates. (The Colorado Green plates matches my vehicle so much better than the Iowa Blue... hee, hee!  Of course, Adam's truck is blue so I don't know what to say about that.)  To the right, you can see the mountains.  This is the view from our apartment parking lot.  (Much prettier than the picture; I was trying to get my car plates AND the mountains in, and then I was interrupted by a gentlemen who was wondering what I was taking a picture of and why.)
This morning was productive and thought-provoking.  I dropped the kids off wicked early at daycare to time my drive to work and had today been Orientation Day, I would have been 15 minutes late.  Hmm.  Not sure what to do about that; I can't really drop the kids off much earlier and it would not be impressive to arrive to work 15 minutes late on my first day.  Tomorrow I will try again and see if I can be at daycare right when the doors open and hopefully the send-off will be easier and quicker (Julia was not a fan again today, although she didn't cry this time).
After driving to work, I turned around and drove to the Vehicle Emissions Test Station close to our home and had my vehicle tested.  Yay -- PASS!  Then it was off to the county vehicle registration site -- one thing I like about Iowa more is that you can get your license AND register your vehicle at the same place -- not so here.  Anyway, after sitting for some, I met a most pleasant gal who was pleased as punch at the research I had done (I had all of the correct documentation with me, including my title, yippee!), and she had me on my way with new plates in no time.
I am "done" with the important things I wanted to accomplish before work starts on Monday, and so now I'll work on organizing the apartment a bit and trying not to stress about driving to work on Monday morning.  I think also that I'll take a short nap, as the cold I have had now for over a week is seriously kicking my behind and I'm not sleeping well at night (insert LOTS OF COUGHING here).
More pictures and more blogging to follow soon, I hope. 

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