Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Start

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.
Today was a big day.  Even though I didn't start work, there was a lot happening for us today.
Mom and Dad left and headed back to Wisconsin (by way of Council Bluffs, IA, tonight)...
My friend, Angela, who also drove out with me and the girls, headed out with her sister today...
The girls started their first day at Goddard School.  Raven was an "easy" drop off and Julia started out well, but when she realized I wasn't staying, she wasn't very happy.
After Angela left, I went to the Licensing Station to obtain my Colorado Driver's License.  Holy cats.  I took #497 at 11 am (they were serving #472) and at 11:30 am, they were only on #475.  So, I decided to leave for a bit.  For starters, I was concerned I didn't have enough cash to pay for my license, and I figured that if my number came up while I was gone, I would just go back in the morning... rather that than sit forever.  So I went and bought a few more things and got some cash, came back to our apartment, and then went back to the station at 12:45 pm... and they were on #488.  FINALLY, at 2 pm, I was on my way.  I decided to drive over to work and get my badge taken care of -- the drive was 45 minutes (accident on I-270), but the badging only took 5 minutes and I was back in Westminster by 3:30 pm.
I came back to the apartment and relaxed for a little bit, and then I picked up the girls at 5 pm.  They both had a FANTASTIC day.  Raven's teachers really enjoy her; she is "soooooooo cute" and smiled a lot.  They asked if she had been in a daycare before because they were amazed by how well she listened and followed direction (way to go, M'Amy!).  She also started to make some friends in class and took her very first nap on a mat.  Way to go, Ravie!  Julia also had a good day despite the rough start.   She told her teacher when she had to go potty (No accidents today!  She has been potty trained for a while now.).  She ate all of her grapes at lunch.  And, she giggled and chatted with a little boy who was "napping" next to her instead of sleeping - ha!  She made friends, enjoyed painting, and overall had a good day, and she is very excited to go back tomorrow.
One sad thing... Julia kept saying on the drive home that she wanted to go to her BLUE house... NOT her brown (our apartment) house.  After some chatting about the mailbox, though, and getting to use Mommy's mailbox key to check it, she was excited about the new place again.  She knows how to get from our car to the mailbox and from the mailbox to our apartment.  She wants to be a big girl and use the key.  And she was very excited to play with her sister and eat pizza and bananas and play with her toys.
All in all... I would count today a success.  Tomorrow I will take the girls to daycare early and time my drive to work to make sure that I won't be late the first day, and then I will get my emissions test done so I can register my vehicle.  Then it's back to the apartment to do some more organizing.
Something fun... Adam's cousin Stacy is in town and called tonight to see if they could stop by to visit.  So, they should be here soon!
Ta ta!  Until tomorrow!

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