Saturday, April 23, 2011

I think Raven is ready for a nap.

I really didn't know what to title this post.
In an effort to practice getting out the door "on time" for the next couple of weeks (I need to have the girls in their rooms at "school" by 7 am so that I can be to work by 8 am), I have been waking the girls up earlier than "normal".  They seemed to have adjusted to the time difference without issue and were easily sleeping in until 7:00 - 7:30 am, but on Thursday I had them up at 6:30 am and yesterday at 6:00 am.
Apparently they did not get the memo that today is Saturday.
I am very glad I went to bed at 10:00 pm last night.  (This cold is *really* kicking my butt and just when I think it is letting up, it gets worse.)
This morning we have already... watched two shows, spilled our cereal everywhere, played on mommy's bed, played on Julia's bed, played out on the balcony with bubbles from Grammy (WAY TOO CHILLY for that but the girls didn't seem to mind -- Raven screamed insults when I made her put socks on)... at some point today we'll dye Easter eggs but I'm not sure where as I don't want there to be the slightest possibility of Easter egg dye on the carpet... I'm seriously considering throwing the girls in swimming suits and putting them and the egg dye in the tub -- at least I can bleach that sucker?
Maybe we won't dye eggs after all.
I still need to hard-boil them.
Did I mention that I feel terrible?
I'm trying very hard to find beauty in this weekend; it's our last weekend together before another "big" change occurs (I start my new job on Monday) and it's the first weekend in a long time that we've actually been able to spend together without packing or driving or some other nonsense involved.  I am so thankful for this weekend that we have, but sometimes it is hard to be thankful when one feels so cruddy.  I really wanted to get out with the girls today and do something special with them, but the thought of even showering makes me want to crawl back into bed, let alone getting the girls dressed and into the stroller or something.  Oooh, we will walk to the mailbox today!  Heh!
Add to that, it is Easter weekend.  I was really blessed to read a great devotion by Max Lucado on Mary Magdalene this last week; it touched me so much.  (If you are in need of good devotion material sent to your email inbox, Lucado's is a good one.  He writes so beautifully.)  Yes, how awesome that God the Father sent His Son to die and suffer and experience hell for us, and yet I have always felt it is even more awesome that he rose from the grave.  For without his return, without the fulfillment of the prophecy on that end, the suffering and death would have been for naught.  How awesome.  Oh, HOW AWESOME!
I am thankful to have met a new friend, Lisa, who has invited our family over to her husband's family's house for Easter Dinner tomorrow.  She is the daughter of a Pella quilt guild friend that I was so grateful to have met before we moved here.  I've only met her once and our girls played together, and she invited us to join them this weekend.  How fun!  I'm trying hard to think of something special to bring.
The girls have some beautiful little Easter dresses that I found at Marshall's with Chrissy last week for $10 a piece.  I love a good deal.  For sure I will be posting pictures!
I suppose I'll rest in the fact that we are simply spending time together today and tomorrow... we don't need to do anything grand to make it special (even if my grand idea was simply a walk)... just the fact that we've already gotten in two hours of snuggling this morning is pretty awesome... and we have many more hours ahead of us before bed time!
I think I have pretty much talked myself out of my less-than-happy mood this morning.  *grin*  So I don't feel well.  So what?  Forces me to sit and cuddle and read and knit and watch movies today, right?  Right.
I think I might need a nap today too.

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