Friday, April 22, 2011

New Project: Sweater with Shoulder Buttons

When C and I came out to Denver last week (yes, that was only 12 days ago that we flew out here -- how insane how much has happened since then), we checked out a yarn shop in Denver -- The Lamb Shoppe.  Maybe you know and maybe you don't, but C and I had taken to meeting once a month (and eventually our friend Ang joined us) for a stitching night in Coralville.  Because I was moving, we had to check out a yarn shop together one more time... I don't want to say we'll never knit together again in Coralville, but I can't project when that might happen again.
While there, we both perused and picked out a new project -- how could we not?  I settled on easy kid knits by Claire Montgomerie.  I love this book for many reasons, one being that there are a lot of really cute and easy patterns that are simply gorgeous.  Another reason is that this book is for kids aged 3 - 10, and it's hard to find books for kids that age (for knitting).
In the book I fell in love with a pattern called "Sweater with Shoulder Buttons" (see picture above).  The gal at the shop helped me pick out some yarn that would be suitable and I settled on a pale pink sock yarn.  I'm not sure which child the sweater will fit; I started the sweater last night after the girls went to bed and didn't have their measurements, so I picked a size and got started.  Who knows; maybe it won't fit either of them!  But, I'm enjoying the process and the opportunity to sit and knit again.

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