Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What's the flower between your chin and your nose...?  :)

Last night Julia was adamant that we go outside before dinner ("Ouw tide!  Side!  Mama?  MAMA?  Side?  SIDE, MAMA?????"), so we decided to hunt for tulips in our yard and bring them inside for table decoration.  As you may know, Julia is a Big Girl now, so she was going to carry (some of) them.

How to get her BACK inside?  All I had to do was suggest she show Daddy and Raven her flowers... she was back inside in a whip!

(Why I included the second picture... this seems to be the universal stance for a two-year-old when you say "smile!" -- tip your head back as far as you can go and plant a big fake one on our face!)


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