Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Gift

There's nothing like your friend's water breaking to finally put the fire under you to try something you've been meaning to try for a while in terms of a baby gift...... :)

I had picked up a cute packet of fabrics (thanks to Janice for introducing me to these cuties) and some soft flannel and backing fabric and thought I'd try my own little Take-Along.  Julia has a Taggie Blankie that she has always loved and I always meant to make some... this is a version of that... instead of the ribbon tags, I put satin blanket binding around the edge.

Then I had a little fun... my machine does lettering, so I programmed in the name of the new baby-not-yet-born-as-of-last-night and stitched it around the edge... I can't wait to give Allison and Jeremy this little giftie when I meet their new baby girl... yay!  (So, come on, Allison...!  Woohoo!  So exciting!  Can you tell I am excited to hear about this  baby being born?  I love babies and love that so many of my friends are due this month... yay!)


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