Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seven Months

Believe it or not, Raven is seven months old today already... wow!

Adam and I were talking last night and he mentioned that it seems that the nine months pregnant sure seems to go by slower than once the baby is out and growing... I would agree!

Raven is growing like a weed and I am sure by now she has hit the 17 lb mark.  She is easily wearing outfits that Julia NEVER filled out... (see pictures... Julia was always so tiny in these dresses...!).  Today I finally gave up and left the car seat in the car... she is lighter to carry if I take her out than to try and lug her around in the bucket anymore... and sadly the handle is broken on it now too... I have a feeling we'll be saying "buh-bye" to that car seat sooner than later.

She still has no real interest in food and we haven't been pushing it.  We have been practicing with sitting up and she is very good at that.  She still mostly rolls from her back to her belly, but she is gaining strength there as well.  We aren't close to crawling yet, but you can tell the thought of moving around intrigues her. 

She has become "grabby" and very interested in the world around her... but she is mellow, so when you take something away from her (or more often than not, when JULIA takes something away from her), she fusses for a few seconds but then looks for something else to occupy her.  I love how mellow this kid is... and how SMILEY!  She is so much fun just to LOOK at because she will throw you a smile even in the middle of a crying fit.

Which, crying fits really don't happen too often.  Honest.  If she is crying, there is something wrong, and it still remains that it is most likely needing to eat or needing to sleep.

Though... she is starting to show tendencies of the "stranger danger" biz and I don't doubt that before long, she won't want to go to anyone but mom or dad.

What else can I tell you about this lovely little girl?  :)  I know that she is a dear to our family and we couldn't imagine not having her here... and it is so awesome how well she and Julia get along (still).  Julia is still her protector and loves her baby sister... I'm cherishing these times while they last!

(pictures... many of the tulips are already a-bloomin' here in Pella so how fun was it to get pictures of Raven at seven months in front of one of the beds up town... Julia had no problem sitting next to her sister, but trying to get them to both look at me at the same time was somewhat amusing and never did pan out...)


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