Monday, April 5, 2010

Common Words

What do a basket, a crock pot, a peacock, a pocket, and a backpack all have in common?

In Julia speak, the all sound like the same word... and Adam and I find that word to be HILARIOUS!

This video doesn't do justice to how funny hearing her say these words really is... but we had to try, because we know before long, she will be saying all of these words correctly and we'll have completely forgotten what it sounded like when she would say a certain words. It is amazing to hear her parrot us and try so very hard to get it right. :)

Oddly enough, she says the word "bucket" without any trouble what so ever. :)

I also love her use of the word "heavy"... one of those things where I think, "When did she learn this? How did she learn what heavy was?" Boggles the mind.


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