Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diaper Bag!

I love to make bags... and it has been a long time since I made a diaper bag, so it was fun to make this one.  I will get this out there right away... I am itching to take it apart and fix a few things but I won't... because, well... taking a bag apart and having it go back together even remotely nicely is a pain... and, well... I don't really *want* to take it apart.  (Ha, if the recipient wants the "issues" fixed, THEN I will take it apart!)

I made this for my friend Janice, who is expecting at the end of the month.  She had this stack of absolutely FABULOUS "children's fabric" that she brought out at the retreat in February, and I'm fairly certain I drooled on it.  Funny enough, I had bought a yard each of two of the fabrics in the pack she had... great minds!  She mentioned she wanted to make a diaper bag from it, and I had just finished a bag and was itching to make one from scratch, so I offered up my services.

Sure, sure, that was almost two months ago... I had pieces done but kept neglecting to buy a zipper when I was out, and I needed the zipper to really solidly put it together.  I finally put it on my shopping list this last Friday and actually remembered to buy the darn thing...!  So, last night I finally found the time I needed to finish piecing this cute bag together.

I threw in some of my own fabric from the two yards I had bought... I love the patchwork'd-ness of this bag, but at the same time, I felt like some solidness was needed to round it out, so used cute green owl fabric for the gusset and strap.  I used a white with green polka dots on the inside.

I am fairly happy with how the bag turned out, though I would change the side pockets... they are too long and start too high... I think they will be basically unusable.  And, I normally don't use a gusset... I wanted to try it out... I might go back to my "old way" of doing things.  It worked out fine, but seemed a little more work for not anything that I didn't already get from my "old way", and it also made the inside of the bag loose... not my fave.

Things I loved about it, though... what a great opportunity to practice more free-motion quilting and have I mentioned out cute the fabric is...?

BUT... Janice... I hope you LOVE it anyway... and if you don't, I know someone who can fix the things you don't love about it.  :)  Either way... thanks for the chance to make a bag for you!


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Janice said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!!! It is so cute, and you even "packed" it! Which is so incredibly sweet of you. I don't see the flaws (we always see the flaws in our own work, not in others'), and can't wait to use it. The green owl fabric is adorable and I'm tickled pink you offered your expertise! 2 1/2 weeks until I'm due..... :-)