Monday, April 19, 2010

The Car Cart

Well... it happened.  My baby isn't crawling yet or eating solid food, but she is too heavy to carry in her bucket car seat, so I bought her the next car seat up (a convertible Britax Marathon... woohoo!) and it arrived today.  I installed the car seat and then we needed to make a trip to the store.

This was our first "cart" adventure for BOTH girls... and when you have two kids and they are both OUT of their car seats, you pretty much need to use the big carts... The Car Cart!

I totally had to take this picture of the girls in the store in the cart and then I immediately thought of the time that Adam almost had his camera absconded (and who knows what else) for taking a picture in a grocery/store in China... ah, good times.  No one cared that I was taking pictures of my kids.

Let the good times roll...!  Raven is not getting any younger, I suppose!


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