Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two Months

It is hard to believe, but yesterday Raven was two months old. 

We have her two month well baby check-up on Tuesday.  At that point we'll find out how big she is and where she falls in the percentages.  I'm excited about it and looking forward to seeing how she compares to Julia at that age.  (I admit it is hard not to compare them, and hopefully I will be wise not to compare them when it really matters down the road...)

I posted that she has started smiling.  She is quite a smiley little thing and enjoys attention.  She is not a fan of tummy time, but only because that typically results in Julia attempting to sit on her.  ("If I can Hop on Pop, then why not Hop on Raven?")  She is still eating and sleeping really well... I wouldn't say that her schedule has changed dramatically since she was born with the exception that she is awake a lot more during the day.

Raven enjoys sleeping in her swing and sleeping in her bassinet, but sometimes at four in the morning, she is happiest cuddled in mommy's arms.  Those are the sweet hours of my day; snoozing in bed holding my infant while the rest of the house is quiet (minus the usual groans of a very old house).

She taken to crying a bit when she's really tired and you haven't figured that out yet.  Normally this happens when she's only been awake for an hour or two and you figure since she was awake in her last stretch for three (or four or five) hours, she couldn't possibly be tired already again, but sure enough, and swaddling calms her down and she goes right back to sleep.

Big sister Julia still loves her little sister and wants to play with her and such and is working at being patient, though she doesn't know what patience is yet.  That requires mommy and daddy to work at being patient as well, because we don't want to find ourselves disciplining Julia for simply loving and caring a little too much.

I'll be back Tuesday to report Raven's stats.  For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures!


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