Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Morning

Last Sunday with the time change, we found ourselves up and about very early in the morning and decided that we would give early church a go and so we did.  Yesterday, though, I knew we would attend our "regular" service as Adam had a gig Saturday night.  However, we were all still up fairly early and "ready to go" and so we spent our time-before-church hanging out in the living room. 

Adam read Julia and Raven a book or two while I was taking care of some things.  And, Julia must be reading "Hop On Pop!" when we put her to bed at night, because she thinks sitting on top of Adam is a riot.  (Note: We do not actually own "Hop On Pop!") 

It was a peaceful and lovely little family morning yesterday and I sighed and thought, "Hmm, I do so love my family." 


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