Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay... confession.  This is the first scarf I've ever finished.  I've started quite a few, but none were ever so quick and easy as this one.

Some time ago there was a yarn shop in Marion, IA, and it was going out of business.  Friend Chrissy and I did our part to buy up some of the stock that was greatly discounted.  This is a scarf from one of two balls of a delicious orange-y red (or reddish orange) yarn that from Granada.  I would need a translator to tell you what it's made of though I have a good idea.  It is amazingly soft and feels great against the skin. 

Christmas present?  Probably so.  :)

Off to work on another two Christmas gifts (quilted) and then off to bed... it's been a fun night!  :)


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