Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finishing Touches

Back in August I started this super secret quilting project and after working on it for the better part of a day and experiencing some real highs from it, I was dealt a blow and sulkily packed it away, hoping I would feel inspired to work on it again someday.  Fast forward two months and it was October and our quilt retreat was looming and I decided that not only was I going to dig it back out and work on it again, I was going to FINISH it.

Well, I finished it minus about 20 minutes worth of work that I did tonight... I'm so excited to say that it is done!  I completed it over 3 days and 20 minutes tonight.  And it's still super secret so this is only a special sneak preview and the rest will be revealed in a few weeks.  But, I had to blog tonight because dang, it sure feels good to have another project finished.  I just wanted to shout, YAY! 


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