Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been excited about knitting again and was working on two projects... a hat for Raven and a lucious scarf... fun!  Well, I finished the hat and basically it didn't turn out as envisioned... and then today I knocked my knitting on the ground when I went to answer the phone and my needle flew out of the scarf and Oh. My. Gosh. the yarn is so fuzzy I had no idea how to get the needle back onto the scarf... so yah... two projects being re-worked.  (I had 2 ft of the scarf done already too... darn.)

Oh, well, though.  Decided to use a different yarn for Raven's hat and Adam had a neat idea for the first hat so that will be a fun little project... and, well, I was wanting the scarf to be skinnier anyhow, so now it can be and I won't always look at it wishing it was skinnier.  :)

This is a picture of Raven in the hat... a bit too chunky of yarn for the size needles I was using.  I thought it would be cute but really it is just too difficult for a hat.  Oh, well!  (Adam thought Raven looked like she was out of "Where The Wild Things Are".  Ha!)


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