Monday, April 2, 2012

We have a date...

... now we just need a name!

Wait, isn't that supposed to be the other way around???

The funny thing about repeat C-sections... they are scheduled.

As of today, our baby's birthday is scheduled for May 15, 2012.

Do I have any grand delusions that this is for sure the date? Of course not! If you were around for Raven's birth, you know the story of my water breaking the day before my scheduled C-section with her... so I have no expectation that this date will necessarily BE The Date, but it is fun to plan ahead, at least. We also have the possibility of being bumped from our scheduled date/time if an urgent/emergency C-section were to need to happen, as we are utilizing the on-call doctor of the day.

As stated above, now we just need a name. With Raven we went into the hospital with two names, and I'll confess that even though I thought I knew her name, we never checked in the operating room, and I was fearful to announce it until I was back in my room after recovery and could see the little card on her bassinet. (And, yes, Raven was what I was thinking her name was, so thankfully that all worked out!)

Very excited that in about 6 weeks and 1 day we'll get to meet our new little peanut... it's amazing how quickly this is coming upon us! And, finally with Child #3 I am practicing the advice that I give... I only need to be concerned with diapers/wipes, a place to sleep, and nourishment for this child... everything else will come when it does. Yes, that means that the room that I started decorating in December hasn't been touched pretty much since December, and that means that I haven't even pulled the clothes out of the basement yet. But, we have a car seat - which really is probably the most important thing as it's the only way we can get the child home - and we have some diapers and a loving family to surround this new little bundle of joy. Yay!

So... here's hoping and praying that work doesn't stress me to the point where I go into labor early, that God's plans for us are that this baby be born at a healthy weight and time such that we can enjoy my maternity leave at home instead of in a hospital, and that the Big Girls are as accepting of their new sibling on the outside as they have been with baby being on the inside. *grin*


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