Monday, April 23, 2012

Soap Henge

soap henge I’ve always wanted to know the science behind soap.  Weird, I know, but soap has been used to prevent and minimize all sorts of diseases.  The black plague apparently could have been minimized if people used soap on a daily basis.  Anyways it’s been on my bucketlist for some time now to make my own.

I’ve been getting “Make” Magazine for a year now and it pretty awesome.  (think a modern day Popular Mechanics)  This last issue had an article on making your own soap using oil, water, lye and a mixer.  60 minutes of mixing to be exact (the article said 15minutes, but my batch took longer)  Here is a photo of my Soap Henge (the soap was hard enough for me to cut into pieces after 24 hours… in 3 weeks the caustic will have subsided and it will be ready for use.)

The mold was a quart-sized heavy cream container and I added “tea tree and lavender” essential oils for good smell-um’s.

Erin seems excited to try them too.


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