Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Pictures

Not much to say… we had a great weekend, we went to Central City and Nederland, we went to church, we had pancakes for breakfast, and we took over 600 pictures… more pictures to come this week, but here are a few from today… one tired mama and gearing up for another week!

2012-04-08 erin

34 weeks and 2 days pregnant… hard to believe we’re in the home stretch already!  Feeling great!  (I had worn a different shirt today, but I jostled in our dark sanctuary at church today, and ended up with orange juice down my front.  Whoops!)

2012-04-08 raven earlier

Why, yes, this picture is a perfect representation of Raven.

2012-04-08 girls earlier

Not the dresses I had originally purchased for them for Easter, but as of Friday those dresses hadn’t shown up yet and I was freaking out a bit.  These were 50% off at Target.  SCORE!  Also, daddy always finds fun ways to get the girls to sit still and smile… today?  PINE CONES!

2012-04-08 girls 2

Standing in front of our… umm… weird mess that was probably a garden at some point.

2012-04-08 julia

Pretty girl.  Messy hair.

2012-04-08 julia (2)

My whimsical one.

2012-04-08 raven

Look, mommy!  I can pose too!

2012-04-08 julia egg hunt

Backyard egg hunt.

2012-04-08 julia flowers

Adam having fun with mama’s new camera.

2012-04-08 raven flowers

More camera fun.

We hope you all had a blessed Easter!  This is the girls’ and my second Easter here in Colorado… we’ll have lived here for a year in 10 short days.  Amazing how much has happened in a year, but I can say that we surely do love it here!  God’s blessings from our family here in Colorado to yours!

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