Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hiking up Lookout Mountain….

I’ve actually been procrastinating on blogging about this event that happened almost 2 weeks ago now.  One Monday morning, I dropped the girls off at daycare and headed to Golden, CO where I found the head of trail for Lookout Mountain Trail located in Windy Saddle open area.

    I parked here on highway 6 next to Colorado School of Mines.IMG_0458 (Small)


The clouds were actually really nice since they blocked the sun, but it was light enough that the scenery was very pretty.  I spotted lots of cool flowers, trees, plants and cactus

IMG_0459 (Small)       IMG_0466 (Small)







A cool view of the Denver skyline.

IMG_0471 (Small)

IMG_0469 (Small)








IMG_0461 (Small)

IMG_0473 (Small)



a cool pic of the desert below the tree line.




IMG_0463 (Small)How to stay motivated when hiking these steep trails.  Every trail I hiked, I could see mountain tracks (not mountain lions, but mountain bike tracks!)  I was amazed that some people could actually “bike” this trail.  Amazing!  This photo shows a switch back that was reinforced with a small log to prevent erosion as was common all along the trail.  The photo isn’t clear enough to make out the bike tracks.

IMG_0472 (Small)

There were a few “lookout” points that I took these from.  (in the photo with the corner of my finger) you can see a large plateau that the locals call North Table Mountain.  There is also South Table Mountain.  Coors Brewery sits between the two.

IMG_0474 (Small)








This pair of pictures shown below are taken from near Buffalo Bill’s gravesite.  There is a really nice overlook here that you can see for 90 miles or so.  if you see the road next to baseball field, you’ll notice two dark dots.  The left dot is a tree….the right dot (as circled in the second closeup…..) is my car!

IMG_0476 (Small)



IMG_0476 (Small) -red






I used a GPS app on my iphone to track some stats.  7.1 miles roundtrip, and an elevation rise of 1,597 feet (max height of 7,371 ft about sea level).  it took me about 2.5 hours, but I stopped for quite a while at Buffalo Bill’s Museum and lookout.

Definitely a fun hike and I’m looking forward to doing it again sometime.IMG_0467 (Small)








Prost! ADAM

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