Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: OBC & FCB

What is a trip to Fort Collins (or anywhere, for that matter) without a few brewery stops?

Our first stop was Odell Brewing Company, and before heading in, we allowed the girls to play a little bitty outside.  Little does Odell know that their bike racks make good jungle gyms.

09-03-2011 1053 hop cones girls

09-03-2011 1054 julia

09-03-2011 1054 raven hop cone

09-03-2011 1056 raven hanging

09-03-2011 1057 girls hanging

Odell also had quite the number of grasshoppers jumping around, so Adam took a few moments to show the girls some grasshoppers, and even got Raven to touch a very dumb one.

09-03-2011 1059 grasshopper09-03-2011 1206 grasshopper

Both Adam and I enjoyed a flight of beer.

09-03-2011 1118 beers09-03-2011 1118 julia and beers

Raven and Julia enjoyed the complementary water.  (You can see why we needed a mop.  Twice.)

09-03-2011 1141 raven water

Uh, oh!  Someone is getting sad and HUNGRY! 

09-03-2011 1159 mommy and raven

Julia says, “Let’s head over to Fort Collins Brewery!”  (Or maybe she said, “Let’s get some CHICKEN!”)

09-03-2011 1100 julia (2)

So off we went.  We ate at Gravity 1020, which is the restaurant connected to the Fort Collins Brewery.  Seeing this place was amazing, as I remember both Odell and FCB being much, much smaller!

I tried their Chocolate Stout and drank a bottle of their Vanilla Bean soda.  Adam also tried some beer.  While we waited for our food, Julia pretended to be the Little Mermaid and Raven played with a napkin on her head.

09-03-2011 1216 ariel09-03-2011 1216 raven towel head

Adam and I enjoyed the food a bit, and I had my first ever Polenta Fries… yum!  Three is WAY too many, though!

09-03-2011 1217 adam erin

After lunch, it was naptime for the girls (and Daddy too), so Adam dropped me off at Lambspun, conveniently across the street from FCB, and I shopped while Adam took the girls for a drive to get them to fall asleep.


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