Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Raven!

Hard to believe… Raven turned TWO today!

Even though Mommy and Daddy had to work today, we still planned a (very) small birthday party for Raven… more like a birthday not-a-party.  But, Daddy and Mommy decorated up the dining room with orange and blue balloons and Nemo printouts, and tonight we celebrated Raven’s birthday with dino nuggets, French fries, and cake!

Raven’s teacher, Shantel, made the cake – white with raspberry filling and yummy buttercream frosting.  We think she did a great job!  (In case anyone is wondering, Raven’s nickname is Goose because of the noise she makes when she’s upset… or tired… or mad… or… well, yah.)

09-13-2011 1727 nemo cake

First things first, the girls needed to get a close up look at the cake.

09-13-2011 1728 sisters checking out cake

09-13-2011 1728 raven sees cake

We told Julia and Raven we could eat cake after we ate dinner.  They both ate up quick and were very excited to get to eat the Nemo cake.  First, we sang Happy Birthday to Raven.  Then it was time to (spit) blow out the candles!

09-13-2011 raven cake

09-13-2011 1811 raven blow out candles

Frosting is our FAVORITE!!!

09-13-2011 1816 frosting face

Raven knows she is TWO!!!

09-13-2011 1821 i am two

After a quick bath, it’s time to open presents!  Raven received gifts from Buscha & Papa, Grammy & Grandpa, and Great Grandma Schroeder.

09-13-2011 1858 card

One of the presents was two Beanie Baby bears.  Julia loves her bear!

09-13-2011 1859 bear

One of the presents were stickers from Grammy.  One of our favorite places to place them… on our foreheads!!!

09-13-2011 1910 sticker heads

It’s hard to believe that our baby is really a toddler and is learning her letters, doing crafts at school, knows she is two, can sing the alphabet, Twinkle Twinkle, and other songs, etc.  They really do grow up so much faster than you expect!

Other notes of interesting… Raven has been in her Big Girl Bed since we moved to the new house in August… she has done a great job sleeping in her bed and never really gave us any trouble.  We also “lost” her pacifier over Labor Day weekend and except for her asking for it a few times the first few days, that also is a (not-so-distant) memory.  We’re so proud of her for these two accomplishments, especially since we know that kids can have a hard time adjusting to these two things.

We were laying bed last night talking about Raven last night, and she definitely is much more of a Spitfire than her big sister.  She goes from zero to completely insane in just a few seconds when something doesn’t go her way, and we’re trying hard to break her of slapping, hitting, hair pulling, and throwing when she is… umm… not happy.  We’re hoping she mellows out a bit in the coming months, but until then, we expect Julia to tattle quite a bit as she comes up to us holding clumps of her own hair in her hands or show us a red mark where Raven bit her.

Both girls seem to have adjusted well to their new school, and Raven has stopped throwing a complete fit when we leave them.  We’re glad that they’re taken care of during the day while we both work… what a blessing!

Happy birthday to our darling daughter, Raven!  We hope your next year is as delightful as this last has been!  We’re so proud of you for all of the adjustments you’ve made… you’ve been quite the trooper along with your sister!  Love you, baby girl!


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