Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Sculpture Park

On Saturday we headed to Fort Collins.  The ulterior motive was picking up honey for Adam’s latest beer (being brewed as I type this), but we love Fort Collins, so we decided to make a day of it.

I broke the weekend up into a few posts, mostly because I have so many pictures to share with you!  I bought a used camera off of a friend and am having so much fun learning how to use it!

The first place we stopped after picking up the honey was the Swetsville Zoo, a sculpture park where the sculptures are made from scrap metal

Julia was not a fan of the metal animals… at least, not the dinosaurs.

09-03-2011 1009 sculpture park adam girls

She did warm up to the bird shaped sculptures though.  Much smaller and apparently more loveable.

09-03-2011 1010 sculpture park julia

09-03-2011 1012 scuplture park julia

Raven, as always, had a blast running around, picking up sticks, and generally wrecking havoc.

09-03-2011 1011 sculpture park raven - zoomed in

09-03-2011 1018 raven

09-03-2011 1019 raven

09-03-2011 1022 raven

Both girls enjoyed the stream that was near the park and gave each other a little love.  Of course, this was before the hair-pulling ensued.

09-03-2011 1015 girls 2

09-03-2011 1015 girls

09-03-2011 1015 kissing

The girls also enjoyed picking up and throwing rocks into the water.  This must be instinctual… maybe from the days when we had to kill fish with our bare hands or something?  Why else would rocks be thrown into the water?

09-03-2011 1016 raven

09-03-2011 1016 throwing rocks

As always seems to happen our outings, Julia became the quiet and side-clinging one, while Raven… well… Raven got a little naughty.

09-03-2011 1021 julia

09-03-2011 1026 raven castle

09-03-2011 1027 raven

This landed her a trip on dad’s shoulders.  (I guess from her perspective, it isn’t the worst place to be.)

09-03-2011 1032 raven and daddy

Next up?  OBC and FCBC.


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