Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Left Hand

It wouldn’t be a normal outing for us if we didn’t hit a fourth brewery for the day.  So, on our way home, we first stopped and ate Mexican (man, can our kids pound the chips and salsa), and then we stopped at the Left Hand Brewing Company for a flight before heading home.  Left Hand has a really neat tasting room, some great labels (and hence, great t-shirt designs), and awesome taster glasses as well.

The girls also enjoyed the outdoor patio and we felt safe to let them run around a little bit as it was fenced in.  The girls got quite a bit of that salsa on their clothes from earlier, but knowing I would want to take pictures in the evening, I had brought a second set of clothes for them.  Yes, I do like to dress them alike – I am a sucker for matching clothes.

These pictures also represent how the girls tend to look at the end of the day.  A little hyped, hair askew, and generally in the last throws of crazy before bedtime.  Surprisingly neither of them fell asleep on the way home, but that could be due to all of the singing in the car.

09-03-2011 1912 julia

09-03-2011 1912 raven

09-03-2011 1915 julia

09-03-2011 1915 raven

09-03-2011 1916 girls

One more quick post to finish out our Saturday adventure… hang in there!


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