Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No, a bomb did not go off in this room.

IMG_0483 (Small)

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago.  I wish I would’ve taken another tonight as all the spots where you can see carpet were filled with toys.   A solid 6” deep layer of toys.  If they were all soft it would be like a nerf ball “Pit of Balls,” but I dream. 

Here shows the room after the whole family dedicated a 1/2 hour to cleaning and organizing.  Some interesting points:

  • I was able to find 7 left socks
  • puzzle pieces, dominos, crayons and memory cards are a pain in the butt
  • there is now a bin for stuffed animals, another for dolls, and another for miscIMG_0541 (Small)
  • the makers of Polly Pocket can go to ****
  • for some reason, the girls like playing (aka destroying) in a clean room more than a dirty one….something to do with entropy, I suppose.

Here is the finished result of hard work after hard play.

Somebody just earned himself a beer for the evening. Prost!

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