Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Fun!

I am finally digging through the latest download of pictures from the camera (spanning about six weeks) and came across these cuties from mid-June.  It seems this was soon after the rains receded and before the humidity took its hold.  I love how much our girls seem to enjoy and love each other... even this morning, Julia begged to be put in Raven's crib with her while I showered so they could play, and 90% of what I heard was sweetness and laughter.  What a blessing that, for now, they find so much happiness with each other.

Random notes on the subject...

... Raven being exuberant when Julia comes downstairs in the morning (she starts her little body wiggle and has a big grin)...

... Julia asking where Raven is the second she wakes up and saying, "Hi, Ravie!  Hi, Ravie!  Hi, Ravie!" over and over again in a sweet tone...

... hugs and kisses and Julia protecting her little sister.

Love my girlies!!!  :)


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