Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Carpet

The carpet has actually been installed for about 5 weeks, but I still wanted to post about the new carpet in the basement.

We settled on buying remnants from Menards, and we did not put pad underneath it.  A little harder, yes, and we'll see how it is in the winter, but the price was right, and in the event that we have water in the future, it will be super easy to replace.

And, hey, new carpet leads to new fun things.  While the kids' play area will remain as such, we are adding elements of space (as in, outer) to it with constellations, glow in the dark paint, and planets.  The blue carpet was a bit of a wild choice, but again... the price was right and so was the size... so, we are choosing to work with it!  Fun!


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