Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deja Vu

It seemed like only yesterday that we woke up to water squishing up through our toes as we stepped into the basement.  That was June 12th.

And, this morning.

Thankfully Adam found the water issue this morning before he left for work.  See, we've gotten 8 inches of rain in about 30 hours.  We're expecting more rain tonight.  While we were hoping that the water in June was a one-time fluke caused by crowded gutters, it appears as though we were wrong, and we spent the morning packing away all of the basement stuff again, moving the furniture to the garage, and vacuuming up water. 

Seems like only yesterday that Adam put the finishing touches on the basement after our first bout with water.  Oh, wait, it WAS only yesterday.

This time was much worse than last time, too, or so it seems, as we no longer have padding under our carpet to soak up water.  The water all tries to run to the drain, which mean that the laundry room was flooded this time.  That was a treat.  Thank goodness I only keep DIRTY laundry on the floor.

We did have an excellent sermon from the book of Ruth on God's divine providence this last Sunday, though, and that sermon helps me to remember to look at the bigger picture in life to keep myself from being torn down by this.  God IS good and DOES work good and in the end, while the journey may be a bit rocky, all will be well and as it should be.

Though, I will still say that I will definitely be glad when our seemingly streak of 'bad luck" that we've experienced finally comes to an end... at the very least, even a full week of not having to deal with crazy would be nice.  Heh.


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