Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rendezvous: Getting Started

Yet another topic I haven't yet touched....
Here is our new "lodge"!
Nope, we're not moving into our backyard, despite the water troubles in the basement.  (Update: Our basement is drying nicely and eventually we'll move back downstairs.)

How to even start this post... though I suppose technically I've already started.
Last weekend, Adam and I took the girls to the Dog Hollow Rendezvous and we were in the paper!  (Oskaloosa, Iowa)  From reading the article, you can probably tell that our plan is to get started in Rendezvous.

It's hard to explain exactly what this is... I would say, it's a mix of living history and reenactment.  Yes, we'll dress up and live in our lodge (see pictures above) as we "camp" in the 1840s for various weekends throughout spring, summer, and fall.
Adam became interested in Rendezvous while he was in high school, and last summer he took me to my first one (actually, it was the Dog Hollow 2009 Rendezvous, and I was VERY VERY PREGNANT).  Despite the heat and the pregnancy, I feel in love... I had a really great time!  We discussed through the fall and winter and thought it might be a fun family project and past time, and this spring (over Memorial Weekend), we went to a Rendezvous in Cantril, Iowa.
Since, we've gone to the Rendezvous in Bentonsport and Oskaloosa.  Through one of Adam's work buddies, we met a couple who was selling much of their equipment.  This included a lodge, at a price that couldn't be beat.  Though we weren't sure WHEN we would be able to start Rendezvous, we knew we couldn't pass up this purchase.  Today we thought it would be a good idea to try and set it up in the backyard.  We still have a few things to learn about setting up our lodge, but here she is, in all her glory!
Basically, we have approximately 15' x 15' inside the lodge, and another substantial bit of space under the fly outside the lodge.  The inner lodge will be our sleeping and storage space, whereas the outside will be the kitchen/dining/living rooms.  You get the idea... much like camping, but in a nice, large canvas tent.  Big grin.
I have patterns and fabric purchased to sew our clothing, Adam is planning furniture to build for our lodge, and we are working out details over the winter to purchase and construct a trailer to transfer our goods about.  We hope to do our first overnight experience next (late) spring.  Until then, we have at least two more Rendezvous planned for the fall. 
We are planning to set up a blog specifically for our Rendezvous past time, and at that time, I'll port over any posts that I write here.  We'll let you know the address when we have it up!

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