Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

Can you tell which member of our family picked out my birthday cake this year? 
Adam and I have slight affinity for Hyvee cake so it is fun to buy the cake AND eat it too.  Last year we shared the cake with church friends and the doctor's office; this year we'll be sharing it with members of our church small group and anyone else who requests it.  Fun, fun!
Adam and Julia sang Happy Birthday to me at lunch today, and I blew out the obligatory imaginary candles.  We are pretty certain that Julia would sing Happy Birthday to me a thousand times if it meant she would receive a piece of cake each time.  My, how that gal loves cake!  Takes after Mommy, that one!  Heh!

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Ms. Jenny said...

May I have a piece of cake??? My address is...


Happy Birthday!