Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Tablecloth Dress

So, a few weeks ago, somewhere I had seen a pattern for a seriously cute little girl's dress made from a vintage tablecloth.  I have a few, but none I was willing to cut up, so while the pattern struck my fancy, I set it aside and moved on with life.

Fast forward to yesterday while I'm looking frantically for an outfit for a murder mystery dinner for THIS Saturday at our local thrift shop.  We have two now, and I had struck out on Monday at the newer one and was not too optimistic about the older one.  Add that lack of optimism to my current ridiculous state of mine coupled with my procrastination and frantic hardly describes it.  At any rate, I SCORED the perfect outfit and the old thrift shop and while browsing, I found a vintage tablecloth.  For TWO DOLLARS.  Umm, what?  Snatched. It. Up.

Today I'm sitting here saving documents and while doing so, I'm browsing my blogs I read.  Occasionally I glance into the laundry room and see that tablecloth on the floor and realize, I MUST FIND THAT PATTERN!  Problem is, I could remember WHERE I had seen it.  Throughout the day I checked various website that I figured MUST be where I had seen it but to no avail, I could NOT find that pattern. 

Then lightning struck... I had seen it in a MAGAZINE.  You know, those paper thingies that we occasionally read NOT ON THE WEB?  Yah.  One of those.  And it was about one point five feet away from my hand.  (Ironically enough, I need to go to the web to download the pattern.)

Now add THAT to the project list.  What?  I think I'm only at 5,098 now.



chrissy said...

WOW, that dress outfit is SUPER cute! just what i needed too, another project!?!?! :o) cant wait to see the tablecloth you bought (not to mention murder mystery outfit!)

Laura and Randy said...

I want to see the results!!!!