Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of the Week

I don't think I have ever been so glad for the end of a week as I am for this one.

I won't go into too much detail because it's depressing... but... this week has been rough.  Thank God for my beautiful kids and their ability to survive and be joys in my life during another week sans Daddy.

The Data Loss Bug finally bit me and bit hard... I managed to lose about five months worth of pictures and all of my personal files (i.e., hospice, nursery, quilt guild, knitting patterns, and the list goes on and on) due to haste.  Haste resulting from a puff of smoke, freaking out, and screaming children... but haste, nonetheless.  I have some friends who have been a blessing and are helping me try to recover what I've lost, but I am not a computer guru and what I did post-loss to try and salvage the data caused further problems with full recovery.... suck.  I spent a lot of time crying yesterday.  And, poor Adam... I lost a number of canoe pictures.  (AT LEAST WE STILL HAVE THE CANOE, RIGHT???)  All around, it is not a good thing.

BUT... it has been a good day and thankfully a good end to the week despite all else.  I had reached my allowed limit for work hours on Thursday (yes, I worked THAT many hours this last week AND by the end of Thursday), so you can imagine the stress of single-parenthood mixed with a large and looming deadline at work.  Add to that the data loss, and I was sent over the edge last night.

But, I have so much to be thankful for.  Again... it was an awesome day.  Adam came home, and I spent a wonderful time with the girls at the kids' carnival in town (Kermis).  We had a nice afternoon, bought a new "grill" (Traeger!), and had some great BBQ for dinner (Adam's friend's party).  I have wonderful helpful friends....  Miss Amy was SO awesome to work on her holiday day off this week (Monday, the 5th) so that I could bust a move on my work projects, Friend Rach picked up Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for me so I could continue with my work quest, and Friend Amy in PA had her hubby talk to me today to help figure out some of my possible 'puter solutions...

... and okay, yet another long post you have already stopped reading.

Anyway... just an update to let you know what's up in life... and, despite the bad, there is good.  Off to rebuild some important files...........


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chrissy said...

so did the files get salavaged??? and i've noticed you changed your blog layout/theme, i LOVE it!!!! let me know if there's anything i can do to help and i'm uber glad you have hubby back home to make the insanity seem a little more sane :)