Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raven at 10 months

Hello and Happy 10 months to my youngest, Raven!
Hard to believe that 10 months has flown so quickly by since Raven was born.  While I see shadows of the infant she was, she has definitely crawled her way into babyhood and isn't looking back!

Our precious girl is becoming more vocal, loves to crawl, and still is a pretty happy cat UNLESS she is upset.  Then she is REALLY upset.  Ha!  But, I suppose that goes with the territory when you're 10 months old... make yourself heard!

Raven's favorite things these days... anything that is Julia's... ESPECIALLY Julia's shoes... trying to give mommy a heart attack by attempting to find all of the outlets in the house... and food.  Man, can that girl eat!  She loves everything, it seems!  Which is such a good feeling when across the table sits her sister who acts as though you've committed a major sin by coaxing her to eat... anything that isn't meat, cheese, or bread.

But, we do so love our beautiful girls and while they have lots of noticeable differences, it is still awesome to hear Julia greet Raven in the morning and for Raven to respond with her own version of a happy dance.  The best part of my day, right there.


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chrissy said...

good gravy are those two cuter than cute???? that's worth getting out of bed for right there!