Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bumper Crop

Yesterday Julia and I picked our first veggies from the garden.  We yieled a meal's worth of string beans and about six pounds of pickling cucumbers.  Guess what I did for the first time today...?  I set my cucumbers a-brining... just like "old times"... heh.  A lot of people told me about "easier" ways to make dill pickles, but I really enjoy the PROCESS of making things (especially with pickles, since I do NOT enjoy the destination... heh, yet again!), and so it is fun for me to go through the process of brining.

I hope that the results are fabulous for dill pickle-lovers!  I have a whole sort of things in mind for another crop of cucumbers ('cause, oh, boy, they are wild out there!) as well as the numerous tomatoes.  Yay!


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