Saturday, July 10, 2010


Kermis is a Dutch-inspired children's carnival held in the Historical Village each summer.  I felt that Julia was old enough to go this year, and game tickets were only $0.10 a piece... can't be that! 

Unfortunately Julia had her crabby pants on when we first arrived, so she wasn't AT ALL interested in playing games... as I stood there with 20 tickets in my hands.  But then... THEN we happened upon the "Lucky Ducky" game.  The object?  Use a fishing net to catch three "ducks" (most of which ended up being frogs) in the Historical Village pond.  Add up the numbers on the bottom of the "ducks" and depending on your total, you win a prize.

(This reminds me SO MUCH of my FAVORITE game at the county fair each summer...)

This, along with playing in a fountain, were the ONLY things Julia wanted to do (though it didn't take her much coaxing to join me in a brownie in the air conditioned village bakery).  We played the duck game four times and won prizes, we sat next to the pond and fished out frogs with our bare hands, and we got SOAKING wet in the fountain.  It was a good time had by all!  (Raven laid back and had a bottle and watched the kids.  She's easy like that.)


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